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Welcome to The Law Offices of Joseph J. Savino, P.A.  We provide legal services in all 50 states and around the globe in matters of U.S. immigration law.

Do you simply want to ask an attorney a question or two without the hassle or expense of an office consultation?

Our Ask-a-Lawyer eConsultation allows you to Consult with a licensed attorney at your convenience from virtually anywhere in the world 24 hours a day for as little as $39.

Are you a U.S. citizen seeking lawful permanent residence for your foreign national spouse or fiancee?

EZ Immigration System is a unique hybrid between an economical, but ineffective, do-it-yourself system and an effective, but costly, full service legal engagement. For just $199 (Gold Package) or $399 (Platinum Package), we combine the cost savings of a step-by-step do-it-yourself guide with only the most important hands-on attorney guidance you need such as:
  • personalized, attorney consultation & evaluation
  • attorney review of your application package (Platinum Package only), and
  • unlimited discounted attorney follow-up assistance.  

Get Started Now!

Simply click the "Get Started" tab at the top of this page to begin.

Beware of "Free" Advice!

Have you been disappointed by the less-than-helpful nature of the "free" advice available from other legal sites on the web?  You're not alone.

Our Ask-a- Lawyer eConsultation is an inexpensive and convenient alternative to the "free" advice factories found across the internet.  With our service, you will correspond directly with a licensed attorney and may purchase a little bit of attorney advice or a lot, it's up to you.  And that's really all that most people are seeking ........ the flexibility to get a straightforward answer from an attorney without spending a lot of time and money on an office consultation.

Do-it-yourself Systems just Don't Work! 

Do-it-yourself immigration systems fail because they are a "one size fits all" approach to a complex area of law.  The facts, circumstances, and law impacting each Fiancee Visa or Spousal Green Card case differ widely. Do-it- yourself systems ignore these differences and attempt to squeeze everyone onto a "one size fits all" assembly line.

Our Approach is Better.

Our EZ Immigration System can provide personalized attorney guidance at the most critical points of the immigration application process and follow-up attorney advice if needed..... but only if you need it.  You pay only for the attorney guidance you need.

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