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 Getting Started is as Easy as 1-2-3

1.  Ask-a-Lawyer eConsultation

Step 1 of our EZ Immigration System begins with an attorney consultation of your immigration matter. 

Unlike the do-it-yourself systems, you'll correspond directly with an experienced immigration attorney willing to counsel you on the unique facts and circumstances of your immigration matter.  Ours is a personalized approach, not an assembly line. You will consult directly with Attorney Savino (never with a legal assistant or paralegal). 

Step 1 eConsultation Fee (per question):  $39.

Schedule a consultation toll free at (800) 454-4417 or email your request to us at

2.  EZ Fiancee Visa  or  EZ Green Card for Spouse

Step 2 of our EZ Immigration System provides you with our EZ Immigration Guide to help you smoothly navigate through the often cumbersome and confusing process of applying for a fiancee visa or spousal green card.

Next, we provide a thorough attorney review of you completed application package (Platinum package only).  This  hands-on attorney review clearly sets us apart from the do-it-yourself systems that leave you wondering whether or not you've actually done it right yourself!!  We review and edit your completed application package to ensure that the application you prepare and submit to the immigration service is as correct and complete as the expensive full service application packages we prepare and submit for clients costing thousands more.

EZ Immigration System Gold (no attorney review of application)                $199*.

EZ Immigration System Platinum (attorney review of your application)    $399*.

       *Excludes U.S. government filing fees

Call us toll free at (800) 454-4417 or email your request to us at 

3.  Unlimited Discounted Follow-up eConsultations

Step 3 of our EZ Immigration system  provides you with the continuing resource of experienced attorney consultation.

Unlike the do-it-yourself systems which simply sell you a cold set of instructions and then leave you hanging, our EZ Immigration System recognizes how important it is to have an experienced attorney's eyes and ears available to you as partner and guide throughout your application process.  Your purchase of either our Gold or Platinum EZ Immigration System entitles you to unlimited discounted eConsultations.

Unlimited Discounted Follow-up eConsultations  ---  $29 each.

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